Towering over his guitar, Ryan’s soulful music thrills his audience with electrifying head-popping, toe-tapping, and neck-jerking chops. But, to truly know Ryan Perry, a walk-down-memory lane is enough to see why, only in his twenties, still not afraid to rip up stinging and soulful guitar licks with his gruff and gritty vocals. 

Inheriting a love for blues music at such a young age, Ryan Perry first entered the scene at age thirteen, performing with his siblings as the Homemade Jamz Blues Band.  In 2007, Ryan and his band members went on to become the youngest band to compete in the 23rd International Blues Challenge taking home second place, and soon the trio was a hot ticket. 

Fast forward a decade later, rife with powerful, puissant songs that lyrically and musically epitomize the blues, Ryan Perry took a leap of faith and embarked in a solo career debuting with “High Risk, Low Rewards”, to be released on March 13, 2020, under Ruf Records. “This album,” he says, “was the hardest thing I’ve done to date.” 

Driven by his soulful guitar and fathoms-deep vocal, High Risk, Low Reward will thrill not only long-standing followers but will also sweep up a whole new fanbase too.  From the classic porch-blues vibe of the title track to Hard Times’ torn-and-frayed ode to struggle in modern America, this is an album that touches every generation that hears it.  Wherever the blues scene goes, expect Ryan Perry to be at the head of the pack, still addressing age-old truths, but serving them up with a vigor and vision that chimes with fresh listeners.  “The new generation of the blues is here now,” he nods. “And it’s here to stay…” 

Now, a young man with real-life experiences and setbacks have made Ryan an even more cogent songwriter, given additional energy to capture human truths with his poignant guitar riffs and that deep gritty vocal.  He exudes nothing but confidence and attitude as he sings of betrayal, love, and hard times.  He is to be sure, a veritable blues explosion poised to again make a loud noise and the big sound.